New technology of cassava starch production(3)
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The raw material conveying adopts belt conveyor, the cassava is transported from the stacking yard to the washing machine, and the normal supply of raw materials is required. In the conveying process, special prevention of iron block, nails, stones, wood and other debris mixed. If found debris, should be picked out in time. Washing adopts hsgx-850 type roller type washing machine and hsxs-850 type rotor blade washing machine, the machine is divided into coarse wash area, bath area and net wash area. Cassava raw materials with the drum wall rotating roll forward, water for the medium spraying, washing, bathing, grinding, cleaning, peel. Requirements through cleaning to clean silt, peeling rate of more than 80% percent.



Filing Mill

The clean cassava is fed into the cassava cutting machine and then fed into the filing mill to break the process. The effect of broken solution is to destroy the microstructure of cassava, so that tiny starch granules can be dissolved and separated from cassava roots. Using hscm-600 type stainless steel filing mill, the machine relies on high-speed operation, making the blades on the drum, sieve plates and so on in the machine for continuous feeding cassava file grinding crushing, so that the cassava broken solution, so that the starch particles constantly separated, and water as the medium, the broken solution of cassava processing into starch pulp. Through the 1.2-1.4mm sieve holes, the crushed starch slurry is obtained. The starch emulsion is separated from the fibers by the crushing and stirring of dilute starch slurry. At the same time, starch milk need to sieve removal of fine slag, the fiber need to carry out detergent recovery starch.

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