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Cassava Starch Processing Line

  • Raw material:Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel
  • Capacity:1T/D,5T/D,10T/D,20T/D ETC.
  • Usage:Cassava Starch Processing
  • Delivery time:30 DAYS
  • After-sales service:FREE INSTRUCTION

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1.Introduction of Cassava Starch Processing Line: 

1) Our cassava starch processing machine is a whole plant/line for Potato/Sweet Potato starch processing without no any additives in the processing.

2) The entire process is mature technology, advanced equipment, scientific, rational process.

3) Starch production STEPS are: 

Peeling & Cleaning--Crushing--Filtering--Concentration & Refining--Dehydration--Drying--Screening--Packing etc,.

Washing & Peeling Section: To remove the stone, sand or soil from the fresh cassava root, and peel it. (The peel of cassava is  poisonous.)

Crushing Section: To make the starch out from the cassava. With advaned technology, our machine can make the 98% starch out from the cassava.

Filtering Section: To remove the sand and residues and milk from the wet starch.

Concentrating & Refining Section: To refine, concentrate and whiten the starch, and remove the yellow from the starch milk.

Dehydration Section: To remove the water in the starch milk. After dewatering, the water content of wet starch will be 40%.

Drying Section: To make the wet starch with 40% water be 13% water dry starch.

Screening Section: To make sure all the starch are in uniform fineness.

Packing Section: To pack the dry starch in bags of 5-5000g/bag or 5-50kg/bag.

2.Process Flow Of Cassava Starch Processing Line:


3.Product Working Video Of Cassava Starch Processing Line :