Analysis of world cassava starch processing equipment (2)
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4. the causes of effects devices to promote cassava starch and its application

Although cassava starch equipment's target market is very clear, but its promotion and application there is great resistance. There are the following main factors:

(1) the high investment cost. Investment costs include raw materials, investments inequipment and other necessary costs, such as steam, water, and electricity, and landand labour used. Investments are generally that tapioca starch project is larger, thisis one of many investors, "discourage" the most important reason.

(2) lack of investor perceptions of starch equipment. Main is the lack of technical knowledge, resulting in longer assessment of the project before investing.

(3) sales channels for cassava starch products is not clear, is also a key factor. There are many investors in selecting the projects also have concerns about the sale of starch products.

(4) quite a few manufacturers of cassava starch technology to improve and enhanceattention equipment and processing technology gap with the world advanced level,which most investors had to choose the world's most advanced equipment to reduce investment risk. This increased the difficulty of intermediate level equipment market.

(5) equipment manufacturers to target cassava starch market research, resulting inmarket entry difficult.

5 cassava starch equipment trends

In the coming period, imported equipment to be dominated by advanced equipment from developed countries, technological advantages will become the main factorinfluencing investors select device.

Intermediate level of cassava starch equipment manufacturers, needs to further strengthen its technical improvements and increased in order to narrow the gap with developed countries ' advanced equipment. Meanwhile, should also step up publicityso that more consumers to knowledge or understanding of equipment and processing technology, and ultimately improve the overall level of cassava starch industry, aim to promote cassava starch industry development.

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