Technical Operation of Complete Rice Processing Equipment
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After a long period of application, the millet complete set of equipment has greatly improved the technology and realized the diversification and refinement of millet products. Millet complete set of rice processing equipment inside and outside cleaning; all sliding surfaces and screw, gear, rack and other non-greasy, non-bruising; no oil leakage, no water leakage, no air leakage, no electricity leakage; scrap garbage cleaning. 

Millet complete sets of equipment need to be timely refueling and oil change, oil quality meets the requirements; oil kettle, oil gun, oil cup, felt, oil line is clean and complete, oil marked bright, oil line is smooth. Implement the system of appointing people, fixing machines and handing over shifts; be familiar with the structure of millet complete sets of rice milling equipment and abide by operating rules; use equipment rationally, carefully maintain equipment and prevent accidents. In order to improve the efficiency of the equipment, we must be familiar with its structure principle and operation rules before using the millet complete set of equipment.

1. The higher the production efficiency, the better the rice processing line has high flexibility and flexibility. It can effectively ensure that the millet processing equipment can be standardized according to the different requirements of the processed materials and meet the requirements of product quality.

2. Troubles occurring in the process of millet processing should be quickly eliminated. It has automatic recognition function.

3. Green packaging should be realized in the packaging process of millet processing equipment. To ensure the safety and hygiene of millet production and production process.

Realizing the automation of millet complete rice processing equipment, especially the highly flexible automatic packaging line, not only embodies the development direction of modern production, but also can make enterprises obtain huge economic benefits. In order to obtain healthier and edible food in our daily life, we need to use some processing equipment, such as rice milling equipment. But it is found that sometimes the processing effect is not ideal, then what are the main problems?

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