New technology of cassava starch production(5)
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7, Process requirements:

The freshness of cassava raw materials must be ensured to ensure product quality and improve recovery rate.

Peel to clean, because the cyanide toxin concentrates mainly in the cassava cortex, the net potato peel can reduce the cyanide content greatly.

③ in the process of water consumption, demand for the processing of drinking to meet the standard.

④ do not use iron equipment and pipelines, because the cyanide in the iron will combine into blue ferrous cyanide and starch coloring, affecting the quality of starch. In addition, the whole process of starch production is basically micro-acidic, so the equipment used, pipe fittings are best stainless steel.

⑤ in the production process, the material transportation quantity is very large, therefore need more pumps. All kinds of pumps not only serve as a conveying function, but also require a certain pressure, to the material with the power to achieve high-speed rotation of equipment and separated.

Due to the starch is easy to precipitate properties, fibers for uneven materials, so the pipe elbow and other parts should be flanged or live joints, once blocked for easy disassembly and cleaning.

In order to ensure product quality, in the production process should pay attention to frequent cleaning equipment, venues, to maintain clean and hygienic.

Because starch pulp has acidic, so all slurry tanks should be anti-corrosion treatment.

In the drying process, should control and eliminate all kinds of flammable sources, such as smoking, welding, electrostatic spark and so on, to prevent dust explosion, to ensure production safety.

8. Technological Features:

① production process layout with the plane flow and vertical flow of combination, covering the area is small, with fewer pipes, with fewer pumps, saving investment, reduce energy consumption.

② production process is short, from feeding to production of finished products only 30min.

③ continuous production process, high efficiency of equipment.

④ In addition to drying process, the entire production process at ambient temperature and atmospheric conditions.

Through the adoption of new technology, can further improve the production level, full play equipment capacity, reduce the number of equipment units, reduce energy consumption and production costs, increase production, improve product quality.

9, Main process parameters:

① washing with water 1:4.

② broken solution with water 1:1.

③ breaking the original slurry through the 1.2~1.4mm sieve holes.

⑤ through sieving, washing, potato residue containing starch under 35%, which contains free starch less than 5%; the content of fiber impurities in the pulp is less than 0.05%, the concentration of the milk slurry reaches 5~6 baume degrees.

Separating the slurry concentration for 5~6 baume degrees, the pulp concentration is 20~22 baume degrees.

The plasma concentration of vacuum filtration machine is 20~22b E.

After dehydration, moisture content of wet starch is less than 38%.

⑩ finished starch contains 13.5%% water level.

10, Main technical indicators:

① Commodity starch recovery rate >96%;

② water consumption <15m3/t starch;

③ coal consumption <0.1t/t starch;

¢ ④ power consumption <160kwh/t starch;

⑤ product quality first-class rate of more than 98%%.


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