New technology of cassava starch production(4)
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Through sieving, the purpose of separating and purifying starch is achieved. At present, the main use of 4-level hslxs-850 vertical centrifugal sieve, slag removal. Multiple screening or countercurrent washing process is widely adopted. Requirements through the slurry screening, washing, potato residue containing starch under 35%, including free starch less than 5%, milk pulp fiber impurity content of less than 0.05%, milk pulp concentration reached 5~6 baume degrees.


Bleaching is an important link to ensure the quality of cassava dried starch products. The function is to regulate the ph value of the milk pulp to control microbial activity and fermentation, saccharification, accelerate the separation of starch and other impurities; bleaching starch particles of the outer glial, so that the starch granules lasting white.

Sand removal

According to the principle of separating the gravity of the starch slurry, the pressure pump is pumped into swirling flow, the bottom flow removal sand, the top flow slurry, to achieve the purpose of sand removal. Through the removal of sand, not only can remove fine sand and other impurities, but also can protect the disc separator.


The separation function is to isolate insoluble proteins and residual soluble proteins and other impurities from the starch emulsion, so as to achieve the purpose of washing, refining and concentrating of starch milk.

Our company adopts 12-level hsxlq-360 type washing Cyclone unit washing, refining, concentrated starch emulsion. It is separated according to the proportion of water, starch and yellow pulp protein. Generally, the 12-level hsxlq-360 type washing cyclone is used in tandem, requiring the slurry concentration to be 20~22 baume degrees.


The separation process is still containing a lot of moisture, so it must be dehydrated to dry.

Our company adopts vacuum suction filter machine for dehydration. The moisture content of wet starch was lower than 38%.


The wet starch is transported by the vacuum suction filter to the airflow dryer for drying. The steam pressure is controlled at 0.8mpa. Requirements through drying, the moisture content of starch products in about 13.5%%.

Pack Storage

Requirements package regular offerings, sewing bags firmly, timely warehousing.

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